Why Can’T I Log Into My YouTube TV Account?

Why can’t I log into my YouTube TV account?

Make sure you’ve updated your YouTube app to the latest version in Google Play.

Uninstall and reinstall the app on your device (even if you have the latest version).

Make sure you’re using a Google Account to sign in.

Try adding your Google Account to your mobile device using the instructions for Android devices..

How do I setup a YouTube TV account?

The steps below will help you sign up and customize your YouTube TV membership.Step 1: Sign up for YouTube TV. Download the YouTube TV app. … Step 2: Confirm your home location. When you sign up for YouTube TV, you’ll be asked to share your home zip code. … Step 3: Customize your membership.

How do you reset YouTube TV?

More videos on YouTubeOn the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.Select Settings.Under the TV category, select Apps.Select YouTube.Select Clear data, and then OK.Select Clear cache, and then OK.Select Force stop.Open YouTube from the Home screen.More items…

How do I fix YouTube not loading?

YouTube appRestart the YouTube app.Restart your device.Turn off and on your mobile data connection.Clear the YouTube app’s cache.Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app.Update to the newest available version of the YouTube app.Update to the newest available version of Android.

How many devices can you have on YouTube TV?

three devicesYou can use YouTube TV on up to three devices at the same time. Note that watching YouTube TV on a computer and a mobile device at the same time counts as two of the three available devices.

How do I login to my YouTube TV account?

Steps to sign in to YouTube TVStep 1: First of all, you have to open the YouTube TV app on your TV.Step 2: You need to visit tv.youtube.com/start on a computer or mobile device.Step 3: You have to enter the activation code displayed on your TV at tv.youtube.com/start.More items…•Dec 21, 2019

Why is my YouTube TV not working?

Close and restart the YouTube TV app or your web browser. If you’re trying to stream through the app on your phone or another device, fully close and restart the app. If you’re streaming on your computer, fully close and restart your web browser. … Android: How to close apps on Android.

How do I recover my YouTube account?

To recover your Google account head over to the account recovery page and select “I’m having other problems signing in.” and follow the steps and fill out the form. Once you have got your account back up then hopefully you should have your YouTube account back automatically without any further effort on your part.

How do I sign into YouTube on my smart TV?

Sign inGo to the Home screen of your Android TV.Select Settings.Choose Add account.Follow the instructions on screen to sign in with your Google Account.In the YouTube app, go to the Guide on the left side of the screen and click Sign in.

Do you have to have a Gmail account for YouTube TV?

And so signing up for YouTube TV is as easy as having a Google account. And that’s important, really, because you’re going to need a Google Account if you want to use YouTube TV. … You’ll then select the Google account you’ll be using, and confirm your local viewing area.

Can you share your YouTube TV account?

If you’ve purchased a YouTube TV membership, you can create a family group to share your membership with up to 5 people at no extra cost.

How do I find out what email is associated with my YouTube account?

Choose the account that the YouTube Channel is linked to….To find a YouTuber’s email address do the following.Go to the channel’s home page.Click the “about” tab.Scroll down to the button that says “view email address”.The email address will appear if it’s available. Not all YouTubers publish their email addresses.

How much are YouTube TV add ons?

Adding on Showtime costs $7 per month currently, while Fox Soccer Plus costs $15 per month, Shudder and AMC cost $5 per month each, Sundance Now is $7 per month, Starz costs $9 a month, and Curiosity TV is available for an extra $3. Optional sports add-ons include NBA League Pass $40.

How do I find my YouTube TV password?

Go to YouTube.com and click the Sign In link at the top-right corner of the page. Bam — the sign in page appears.Click either the Forgot Username link or the Forgot Password link.Enter your username.Enter the verification code from the multicolored text. … Click the Reset My Password!

How do I update YouTube TV?

Update current playback area on a TVOpen the YouTube TV app on your TV.Select your profile picture.Select Settings Area Current Playback Area.Besides “Current playback area”, select Update.On your mobile device, go to tv.youtube.com/verify.More items…