Quick Answer: How Do I Add Someone To My Premium Account On YouTube?

Can I use my YouTube account on two devices?

‘: You can connect up to 3 devices to your subscription at once — here’s how that compares to other streaming services.

You can connect up to three devices to your YouTube TV subscription at the same time.

If you are watching YouTube TV on your phone and TV simultaneously, it counts as two devices in use..

Can the family manager see your history?

When you create a family group, you become the family manager. As the family manager, you can invite family members (13 or older) to join your family group. … Your viewing preferences and DVR are your own—we won’t share your library or watch history with your family group.

How do I share my YouTube channel on mobile?

How to share a YouTube channel from the mobile appLaunch the YouTube app, and then tap your image in the top-right.Tap “Your channel” from the menu that opens. … Now tap the three vertical dots in the top-right.Finally, tap “Share,” and then choose the method by which you want to share the channel.Dec 9, 2019

Why can’t I add a family member on Windows 10?

The error message comes up because you cannot set up family members in a local account. It is a Microsoft feature that you have to use via a Microsoft account.

How do I add a payment method to family?

Choose the purchase approval settings for your family members. The family manager can see a list of all the purchases made using the family payment method….Payment options for the family managerOpen the Play Store app .In the top left, tap Menu Payment methods. Change family payment method.Tap OK.

How many devices can I use YouTube premium on?

10 devicesIf you are a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium member, you can use the offline features of your paid membership on up to 10 mobile devices at a time. If you try to download a video on a new device once you’ve reach this limit, the oldest of the 10 devices will be de-authorized.

How do I add a family member to my library?

Add Family Members Or from the Play Store, choose Account > Family > Manage family members. Before you can add new members to your family you’ll need to confirm your payment method, which includes entering the CVC code on the back of your credit card.

How do I put someone else’s video on my YouTube channel?

Feature Someone’s VideoLog in to your YouTube account and navigate to the other person’s video you would like to feature on your channel.Click the “Add to” link and select the playlist to which you’d like to add the video on the resulting menu. … Click your user name and select “My channel” from the pull-down menu.More items…

How many brand accounts can you have on YouTube?

Thanks to YouTube for coming up with a great idea of multiple Youtube channels under a single Gmail account, using it you can create up to 50 Youtube channels associated with one account. In this article, I will show you how you can link your existing website to a Youtube channel under one account.

Can I share my YouTube premium account?

A YouTube family plan allows you to share your YouTube paid membership with up to 5 family members who live in the same household (residential address). … You can invite family members to the group to share your YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, or YouTube TV membership with them.

How do I share my YouTube account?

To add access:Go to studio.youtube.com.On the left-hand side, click Settings.Click Permissions.Click Invite and enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite.Click Access and select the role you’d like to assign to this person: Manager: Can add or remove others and edit channel details. … Click Save.

How do I add a family member to my account?

Invite family members.On your Android phone or tablet, say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” or go to Assistant settings.Tap You Your people. Add person.Choose the contact you want to add.Turn on Family group.Confirm their email address and tap Use this email. Save.

Can I share my YouTube TV with family?

Create & manage a shared YouTube TV membership, or family groupIf you’ve purchased a YouTube TV membership, you can create a family group to share your membership with up to 5 people at no extra cost. … As the family manager, you can invite family members (13 or older) to join your family group.More items…

How much is the YouTube family plan?

Family • 1-month free trial • Then $17.99/month • Add up to 5 family members (ages 13+) in your household. Student • 1-month free trial • Then $6.99/month Eligible students only. Annual verification required.